HTML-Encrypt 1.2

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Current release: date:05/21/2008

Encrypt your HTML pages, protect your code, protext your links, prevent text selection and copy/paste and more....

With HTML-Encrypt you can protect your code from thiefs, prevent your e-mail address in your html code to be taken by spammers, protect your Paypal links.....

For only 9,90 US$ !

Download the demo version now !


- Encrypt all your HTML code.

- Disable text selection. (Prevent from copy /paste).

- Disable page printing.

- Disable offline browsing. (The page must be on a web server to be viewed).

- Hide URL's link in the status bar.

- Hide e-mail links ensuring spam "spiders" can't snatch your address!

- Disable right-click popup menu (protect your images from copy).

- Compatible withe the most used browsers.