HTML-Encrypt 1.2

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Here is our customer's frequently asqued questions


Q: Do I need to install something on the webserver to use the encrypted HTML pages generated with HTML-Encrypt?

A: No of course ! So that the pages are displayable on the client-side, JavaScript must be enabled in the browser.


Q: Is it difficult to use HTML-Encrypt ?

A: No, of course ! You simply pick the HTML file you want to encrypt then you check the options you want to add and at least you click on Go! button. After this the originale page will be renamed with the .bak extention and the encrypted page created with the original file name.


Q: Is HTML-Encrypt expensive ?

A: No ! It costs only 9.90$ for 1 licence. You can have discount prises if you buy severval licences.Go to "Buy now" to see the prices.


Q: I want to buy HTML-Encrypt, how can I do it ?

A: The simplest and fastest way to buy HTML-Encrypt is to follow the menu option "Buy now". Then you'll need to open an account (if you don't have one already) if you choose PayPal. You also need to enter your credit card informations. Paypal is very secure. You can also pay with ShareIt and use differents methods of payment. If you want another method, please contact us at: